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    Complete support
    In-house development
    White labelled portals
    Experienced data team
    Bureau and billing systems
    Utility mangement tools
    Cost comparison
    Flexible trade modelling
    Fully customisable
  • Bureau Services
    From data to
    Experienced in advanced market products
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    Operational cost reduction
    Automation, outsourcing and offshoring
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    Utility Management
    next generation
    of utility systems
    Brokers, suppliers and corporate solutions
High performances in utility services

suppliers in touch with, across water and energy
EDIs and eBills automatically processed
different contractual structures implemented
automated checks in bill validation activities

Act today to secure a competent and complete support

Actively supporting brokers and consultants

+ %
customer retention on SME and mid-market segments
+ %
new business generated following online portal demos
+ %
average customer fee increase, by adding ancillary products
+ %
cost reduction in data and bureau delivery activities

Improve your business performances

Business Support to Corporates and Providers

branded portals on custom requirements
dimensions in interactive dashboards investigation
report templates generated on client requirements
service packs for suppliers, brokers and corporates

Find out today how we can be your partner

Utility services

Data Management

Utility database generation and maintenance for taking full control of gas, power water supplies exposure

Consumption Control

Volume modelling for demand and DSR requirements, leading to more efficient utility consumption planning

Invoice Validation

Fully delivered service from data collection to invoice validation, discrepancy dispute and credit retrieval

Budget Simulation

Financial planning and control and forward costs analysis, including full visibility of third parties tariff fees

Tender Support

Procurement Solutions for cost comparison and contract analysis, fast and accurate tender activities support

Flex Trade Management

Reporting for buyers and traders as full visibility of purchases, trade positions and mark to market monitoring

Technology and Business services

Company Utility Hub

Innovative EMS application for end-users, fully supported and complete with advanced interactive dashboards

Broker Management System

Solution for consultant and suppliers for effective business development and strategic portfolio control

Branded Delivery Portals

Fully white labelled solutions and bespoke development with unbeatable experience in platforms implementation

Offshore Projects

Experienced analysis, management and execution for cost reduction, business restructuring and fast expansion projects

Outsourcing Solutions

Product for providers who wants to offset operational risk and keep company focus on business drivers

Open Consultancy

Contractor solutions in data and bureau activities support or in connection to offshoring and outsourcing

UDI can accelerate your success

What are you waiting for?

Engage with premium services

Add value to your company by day-1, either via cost reduction, business opportunities, increased reputation or higher control over your supplies.

All suplies online

One unique hub, 24/7 available online, with latest technology applied to your investigations. Essential tools for usage or cost control and prediction.

Fast data access, low cost

Leave dated, clumsy, static and slow applications and turn on the light on your business. Higlights for savings and opportunities at affordable costs.

Top-tier corporates, brokers and consultants for SME, mid-market and strategic clients are chosing our services because:

  • savings in the overall service delivery
  • cost recover in validation activities
  • access to advanced ancillary services
  • flexible approach to reporting and branding
  • adaptability of our technology to user'needs
  • reliability in service delivery and support
  • experience in energy and water industry

Clients testimonials

The confidential nature of our business requires that we don't disclose our client's name in full

  • I am VERY impressed by the portal, the charts are so slick and responsive and I really get it when I look inside. I am sure ### (top client name) is going to love it. He has been asking me about something like this for long, now I am sure he will renew with us

    MC, CEO - Broker
    1-10 people, South East

  • By moving our delivery in UDI online portals, we increased company reputation and this played a terrific role in contract renewals for our most critical customers. Nowdays our sales start engaging with prospects from our personalised online demo.

    GW, MD - Broker
    20-50 people, South East

  • I am personally very keen to use your system going forward, I was impressed with the short time we had on the system and I know you didn’t have our full attention. We were testing other platforms but I think UDI offer the better bill validation service.

    SC, COO - Broker
    10-20 people, North West

  • Working together with UDI since 2014, we know you can deliver our most advanced flex clients, I believe you are the best bureau provider we can find in the market and on this basies we are planning our strategy going forward.

    DM, MD - Broker
    10-20 people, London

  • You must be proud of what UDI achieved so far. This online service delivery is the most comprehensive I found in the market and the dashboards are fast, intuitive and user friendly. So far I never found anything like this platform.

    JC, CEO - Broker
    1-10 people, East Midlands

  • Our strategic clients needed an advanced reporting pack timely delivered. All our internal resources have been busy in tenders and renewals. We are glad UDI came onboard right in time offering exactly what we needed: market knowledge, customer experience and your modelling engine for our reporting.

    ML, HoD - Supplier

  • I always loved your portal and dashboards, and believe UDI value really came out in the "second look project". You re-processed in no time our bills finding all CfD and BSUoS overcharges that our main bill validator missed, recovering a substaintial value that made us decide to appoint you as our partner.

    GP, Buyer - Client
    large corporate, multisite, retail

  • Our company was not sure initially what to expect as we always relied in our spreadsheets and internal tools. Since you are onboard we totally changes our approach and now we can focus on what matters without spending hours on basic admin tasks.

    MB, Buyer - Client
    large corporate, multisite, food

  • It was a surprise to us on how simple it has became to monitor our energy budget. Since we activated UDI service we can rely on the combination of online dashboards, pre-digested reports and overall energy knowledge you have in the company.

    MR, Director - Client
    large corporate, multisite, waste

  • I must admit, I was't aware it was possible to process so many data in such short amount of time. The third party charges we needed for the tender helped us to compare all the offers in no time and we believe now we really made a conscious decision about our procurement.

    WC, CEO - Client
    large corporate, multisite, raw materials

UDI can accelerate your success

and Product Expansion

Our in-house development capability, combined with extensive industry expertise represent our competitive advantage.

We are looking to expand and develop modules able to integrate with various softwares in order to help our customers introduce new services or reshape existing products. By deploying specialized resources operating intelligent software solutions, end clients benefit from full online access to innovative screens in areas of major interest: Procurement solutions display, Carbon reporting, M&T. In the meantime, you, as a consultant/broker, keep production costs down to a minimum, avoiding lengthy and expensive IT developments. You can channel your entire energy towards increasing your turnover and consolidating your profit.

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and Outsourcing Opportunities

We strive to bring you the delivery outcome without all the burdens and costs for implementing and managing it.

Our fully integrated processes bring you the commercial benefits of clear costs and scalable delivery, without being burdened by recruitment, management and training resources. Your time and focus can be directed to your company USPs and high value activities, increasing value and benefits of your team of specialists. While we take care of lengthy, manual, low-cost activities in data gathering and processing, you are free to deploy your company unique talents in advanced analysis, customer management and business expansion. Ensure low level activities at low costs, while you invest on high value activities in your company.

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