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    Utilities from data to
    Informed decisions in utilities
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    Solid expertise in
    Affordable operational costs
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    add the "wow" factor
    to your reporting
    Robust online delivery
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    End-to-end support
    Data management
    Invoice validation
    Budget control
    Accruals and bill payment support
    Retrospective data auditing
    Credit recovery activities
    ... and much more

Cost Reduction

Benefit from fully delivered services, low operational costs, taking full advantage of technology automation,economies of scale and process driven off-shore offices


Embrace our standard service offer to consultants, suppliers and service providers or define your own specifications, reporting suite, service level


Make full use of advanced technology, introducing your clients to a brand new interaction with data by means of dashboards and intuitive displays

Services and Solutions

Wide service offering, ranging from standard bureau services to advanced solutions and projects

Data Management

All data sources and data streams types consolidated into a unique online platform

Desktop Data Audits

Historical bills collation and in-depth investigation, aiming at identifying charging errors, delivering potential refunds

Invoice Control

Simulation, validation, bespoke payment support, provision of missing costs for accruals purposes

Utility Budgeting Support

Calculation and regular updates of annual utility exposures, with breakdown of energy / non-energy charges


Our dedicated projects includes service delivery and bespoke software development: from procurement to data analytics and benchmark display, Carbon data support, M&T, financial monitoring and control.


We support power, gas and water supplies. Other utilities can be added in relation to the scope of work

Service delivery outsourcing

Removal of administrative workload and associated costs. Already trained resources, efficient operational processes

Portals and reporting suites

Implementation and management of portals for individual client access. Fully white labelled, with your selection of report

Software product development

Tailored software development for brokers, consultants, supplier and service providers, in data processing, modelling and reporting

Investigate now how UDI partnership accelerate your success!

and Product Expansion

Our in-house development capability, combined with extensive industry expertise represent our competitive advantage.

We are looking to expand and develop modules able to integrate with various softwares in order to help our customers introduce new services or reshape existing products. By deploying specialized resources operating intelligent software solutions, end clients benefit from full online access to innovative screens in areas of major interest: Procurement solutions display, Carbon reporting, M&T. In the meantime, you, as a consultant/broker, keep production costs down to a minimum, avoiding lengthy and expensive IT developments. You can channel your entire energy towards increasing your turnover and consolidating your profit.

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and Outsourcing Opportunities

We strive to bring you the delivery outcome without all the burdens and costs for implementing and managing it.

Our fully integrated processes bring you the commercial benefits of clear costs and scalable delivery, without being burdened by recruitment, management and training resources. Your time and focus can be directed to your company USPs and high value activities, increasing value and benefits of your team of specialists. While we take care of lengthy, manual, low-cost activities in data gathering and processing, you are free to deploy your company unique talents in advanced analysis, customer management and business expansion. Ensure low level activities at low costs, while you invest on high value activities in your company.

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